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Data from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3):

Natsal-3 was undertaken 2010-’12 and interviewed 15,162 people aged 16-74 who were randomly-selected from across Britain to provide a snapshot of sexual behaviour, sexual attitudes and sexual health outcomes that can be considered as broadly representative of people living in Britain at the time. 

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The Wellcome Trust

Wellcome is a global charitable foundation that supports science to solve the urgent health challenges. The “Sex Stats for the British population” resource was funded by a Research Enrichment Public Engagement grant in conjunction with Wellcome’s main grant to support the Natsal Resource, grant number 212931/Z/18.

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The Open University

The Open University

The Open University has pioneered distance learning for over 50 years, delivering exceptional teaching and outstanding support to students across the UK and the world. The “Sex Stats for the British population” resource is hosted by OpenLearn, The Open University’s free learning platform.

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Created by:

Cath Mercer

Professor Cath Mercer

Cath Mercer is Professor of Sexual Health Sciences at UCL and Co-Principal Investigator for Natsal-4 but has been part of the Natsal team since 2000 when she joined as Natsal-2’s statistician. Her research addresses a broad range of questions in order to benefit sexual health policy and practice, advance science and improve the public dialogue about sex.

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Jacqui Gabb

Professor Jacqui Gabb

Jacqui Gabb is Professor of Sociology and Intimacy and has been studying personal relationships, gender and sexuality for over 20 years. Her research has informed school and youth services’ educational materials and adult relationship support services, and she is currently working on Paired, an app for couples.

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Mathijs Lucassen

Dr Mathijs Lucassen

A Senior Lecturer in mental health and an open media fellow at The Open University, Dr Mathijs Lucassen researches adolescent mental health, digital interventions, open and free learning as well as the health and wellbeing of sex, sexuality and gender diverse people.

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Brook offers clinical sexual health services, education and wellbeing services for young people and has been a project partner for the “Sex Stats for the British population” resource.

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Cardiff University

Driven by creativity and curiosity, Cardiff University strives to fulfil their social, cultural and economic obligations to Cardiff, Wales and the world.

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Established for over 26 years, S-Digital designs and develops web solutions that enable organisations to grow, improve their profitability and become more productive. The S-Digital team co-created the “Sex Stats for the British population” resource together with the academic, Brook, OpenLearn and other partners.

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The Open University Wales

Dean George

A Digital Content Producer from OpenLearn in Wales, Dean George produced the Welsh translation of the “Sex Stats for the British population” resource.

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Alison Tang

A Digital Content Producer from OpenLearn, home of the free learning from The Open University. Alison has a background in Design and enjoys creating engaging, educational content.

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Ruby Taylor

Ruby Taylor

Ruby Taylor is an Illustrator, Designer, Creator & Collaborator currently based in the UK.

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